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Christine S. Osborne, LLC, utilizing over 25 years in the specialty toy industry, assists companies in achieving goals for their products and businesses.

Toy Consultation Service

Christine S. Osborne’s, LLC, Toy Consultations provide the entrepreneur an ability to see the process involved in taking a product from start to finish and getting it into the marketplace. Her uncanny ability to be “brutally honest”, while defining the skillset each entrepreneur has to take their product to the highest level, is her strength. The product’s features are explored, dissected, and looked at from both an inside-out and an outside-in perspective. Functionality, style and design, aesthetics, packaging, display, overall appeal and marketing are discussed to provide thorough feedback to the entrepreneur. Assisting the entrepreneur in attaining their goals for their product and business is the primary focus of this session.

Market Research & Product Focus Group

Christine S. Osborne’s, LLC, passion for how to make a product better, can be summarized in her detailed Market Research Report. She utilizes a tailor made focus group for a product to be reviewed by a randomly selected demographic population in a relaxed, real life environment. The comprehensive and brutally honest feedback from CSO and her team will lead to enhancement of a product’s life cycle within the toy industry. In-depth research and product recommendations provide the closure necessary to the product development loop.

Full Product Line Review

Christine S. Osborne’s, LLC, Product Line Review provides comprehensive insight into the viability of a product line in the specialty toy industry. She assesses the likeability, appeal factor, functionality, durability, appearance, merchandizing, pricing structure, and marketing strategies, as well as addresses future extension of the line and expansion of company’s brand and mission. CSO utilizes data regarding current and future trends in the toy industry, observations and feedback from the specialty toy industry, and her knowledge of the end consumer’s preferences to provide detailed recommendations for bringing the company’s product line toward total customer satisfaction and maximum revenue generation.

Showroom Review

Christine S. Osborne’s, LLC, Showroom Review allows show rooms to be seen in a different light. Her years of specialty toy buying and display experience provide necessary tips to use when setting up and organizing lines in mart showrooms. CSO provides frank assessment of and suggestions for product line displays, exhibit areas, interior and exterior showroom appeal, branding and signage, promotional marketing, and showroom functionality. She provides insight into future line expansions and trends consistent with the company’s brand and mission.

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