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Meet The Head Magic Maker, Christine Osborne. With A Contagious
Spirit And Enthusiasm, Christine Has Owned Wonder Works Toy Stores
For 25 Years and is now sharing her Toy Industry Business Knowledge & Tips




Christine has won many awards some which include: Charleston City Paper- Best Toy Store-
Association 2013 Retailer Excellence Award and MSNBC’s Entrepeneur of the Week –Nov. 2013
2011-2106 American Specialty Retailing


“Christine Osborne has been an inspiration to watch over the years with her “Wonder Works” Stores. She has exhibited Creative business solutions to one of the most competitive industries in the country. She’s done this, profitably, by selecting and developing one of the most innovative retail product mixes for a store her size. She knows product and in short order, sees the marketing opportunity and trends before they become a success. Due to her leadership skills, she has, not only, made a brand name for herself and her toy chain in South Carolina, as a community contributor, but nationally through several Toy and Retailing organizations. Lastly, I don’t believe I have ever seen anyone who was more enthusiastic about her industry, her stores, her team, and her products, as Christine. That enthusiasm and positive “vibe” rubs off on everything and everyone she knows.”

Byron Davis–President Fisher Price Toys

Christine S. Osborne,LLC has been in the specialty toy industry since the early 1990’s, seeing the changes unfold, and being ahead of them, is essential to sustainability of the industry and one’s business. My consulting expertise provides a current business with the ability to target important key activities to increase profitability immediately, take advantage of trends occurring , and plan strategically for the future. For new businesses , it provides strategic information on who, what, when and how to focus energies to get your product noticed in the toy industry.

As the owner of Wonder Works, Christine has been an integral part of the Charleston community and toy industry for many, many years. She and Wonder Works toy stores have won countless awards and recognitions based on the business’ success, achievements and community involvement.


The excitement and motivation provided through my speaking engagements inspires each listener to walk away with how their unique “quirks” help one persevere in today’s Business Climate.



1. Toy Consultation Service

2.Market Research and Product Focus Group

3.Full Product Line Review

4.Showroom Review

5.Motivational Speaking


Leading her team at 4 locations and a new, state-of-the-art Central Distribution Center and Corporate Office.
 One of the top specialty toy stores in the nation leading the way for making magic happen for customers and their communities. Provides an environment that inspires wonder for everyone they serve. With over 2500 specialty toys, gift, books and gadgets, hands-on play is encouraged.
 Wonder Works Toys leads the way for spotting a craze and having the hottest items showcased nationally with trend setting events that pull in thousands. Wonder Works is devoted to child entrepreneurs, charities, and philanthropists and supporting localism. Wonder Works has been recognized extensively for achievements and influence in the local community and national specialty toy industry.

“Wonder Works is truly a magical world and it has unveiled my true passion. One child can make a difference; it’s as simple as that. Wonder Works empowers children and helps them find their voice and their passion so they inspire others. The ripple effect is set into place and the magic just unfolds.” Wonder Works is like none other. It is truly Wonderfuntastical!


Renown toy industry expert, with over 26 years of experience, a community catalyst expert in cause related business. Contagious spirit, enthusiasm, and intuition inspires clients and businesses to utilize their hidden talents and “Make Magic Happen” in their industry and with their products. 
Sits on several national and local toy, business, and community boards, mentors and consults inventors and corporations through their business development process. Tests products for sustainability and safety, and lends honest, targeted, specific industry expertise and guidance to both experienced and budding CEOs, always with an eye towards the future of the industry. Uncanny ability to produce quick successful results for entrepreneurs, identify companies’ passions, and target opportunities for growth.

Provides inspirational motivational talks for local and national colleges, universities, non-profits, industry/business/and community leaders.

Writes for national publications and provides trending information to local and national media regarding toy industry.



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